hello, i'm sandy!

Broadly speaking, I'm interested in alignment problems in Multiagent Learning Systems.

Lately, I have been putting my effort in learning and understanding causal incentives and cooperation in mixed-motives games. Below are the annotated readings and writings on multiagent learning and related topics.





i apologize in advance for those who have a hard time reading this page.

i was going to change the background image on the intro section because i realized that it is hard to read when you're on a small screen. this happens due to the fact that the darker color of the mountains in the background picture blended in with the text color. when you look at this page intro section on a larger screen, the excerpt is easier to read due to the light coloration of the blue sky.

then i realized, this experience is actually perfect.

it is perfect because, in some limited ways, it is a representation of our modern society — where those with more resources have access to better opportunities, and those with limited resources are struggling and might not be able to see beyond the obstacles.

such as life, where those in the bottom might have ever only experienced the struggles.

such as life, where those on the top might not even realize what lie beneath the blue sky.

that is why i left it as is and added this annotation.

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